KickStarter 1 The Engineers


This project was our first Kickstarter and was for a new range of 4 wagons used by Railway Engineers in different areas and eras in the UK, to 1:148 Scale using 3D printing technology.


The initial 4 wagons we have chosen are:

CRS-K007 - GWR Tool Van (CC7)

CRS-K008 - GWR Sleeper Bogie Wagon (T12)

CRS-K009 - BR Spoil Ballast Hopper (ZTV – Tope)

CRS-K010 - LMS Ballast Hopper (BR Gannet) (LMS D1804).


and Free kit exclusive to Kickstarter backers

CRS-K011 - Plate Layers Trolley with Cable Drum Load.


The masters

The master were yesterday sent off to the caster for casting in resin, the transfers are in hand so it is all coming together steadily just not as fast as expeted. Pictures below are of the masters and the free plate layers trolley kit.

Masters - Main4 Masters - Free kit

Kickstarter update May 2014


Masters are with the caster, he hopes to get the molds made in early June and then start casting. I am optamistic that we will now be able to despatch during July.


I am very sorry about the delays in this project.

Update-Test Castings